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CALPET is a kind of master batch, composed of 88% Calcium carbonate(CaCO3) and besides specially blended polyethylene resins. It is used by mixing polyethylene resins(LDPE, HDPE, PP resins).

CALPET is a kind of filler master batches with good dispersion and environmental protection, which can improve the surface antifriction, heat stability, toughness, hardness, rigidity and increase specific gravity of plastic products. What's more, it can reduce the cost of final products as well as increase the productivity effect and get good economic benefits.


Main Effects

Sub Effects

Fiat Yarn

1. Cost Down.

2. Prevention of Shrinkage.

3. Better Productivity.

4.Improvement of Printability

5. Better cooling.

6. Anti-slipping on board.

7. Protection of Environment.

1. Anti-Slipping Effect at Bobbing
2. Better Strength.

Blown Films

1. Anti-Blocking

Injection Molding

1. Prevent from curving.
2. Less Heat-Resistance.
3. Better Flexural Rigidity.

Blow Molding

1. Improving Elasticity.

Mono Filaments

1. Better Tensile Strength.
2. Anti-Slipping Effect at Bobbing